Love Your Customers…Unconditionally

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This is my dog Leo. He is full of unconditional love for me every day.

“…What it boils down to in terms of your business is that you have to love your customers more than you love your product or service. By making their needs your primary concern, you’ll be able to anticipate their desires, satisfy them and build a business that isn’t disruptable,” (Jane Gaboury, Director of Publications, describing Scott Stratten’s article in the November 2018 PPA Magazine, Page 8).

This idea really resonates with me in terms of my accounting business for photographers. I truly do love photographers and their creations – definitely much more than my accounting service. This slight shift in thinking in terms of my accounting business fills me with energy to go out and serve photographers with my CPA business. I’m looking forward to talking to helping photographers alleviate their accounting and tax worries and fears!

Guest Author on Fstoppers

I’m excited to be a guest author on Fstoppers, an¬†amazing site for photographers. Please check out my article there when you have a chance, ask questions, comment, and share! You can find the article through the link below, Articles, Originals, and Tips From a CPA: Nine Critical Items to Consider Before Starting Your Photography Business, published March 18, 2018.


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