Bokeh (About)

When I first got my DSLR, I didn’t know anything about photography. What I wanted most was to learn how to take super sharp photos of my subject with that nice blurry background. I had never heard the word bokeh, but I was searching for bokeh.

I joined groups and watched tutorials and videos. I learned about the exposure triangle and aperture. I wanted to know why I couldn’t get my f stop below 4, and then I realized I had a kit lense, and needed to upgrade to get wider, at least f2.2, and really I prefer f1.4-1.8. So I started looking at lenses on B&H Photo…and wow, they’re expensive! So I went for the Nifty Fifty and got my first prime lense, the Canon 50MM 1.4. And I learned about bokeh…and I was in love.


Am I passionate about accounting? Honestly, no. I’m passionate about photography and art. I’m passionate about my family. I’m passionate about dogs and the ocean. I’m passionate about living an authentic life, and continuing to grow and learn what that means to me. Part of that is accounting and the 25 years of knowledge that I’ve accumulated, in accounting, finance, investment banking, commercial lending, and starting and running my own small businesses. I am passionate about sharing and leveraging that bank of knowledge with like minded photographers that I know can benefit from it. That is the use of all these years I’ve spent building up all this information – that is how I can use it, add value to others, and stay authentic to me.

Would you rather have a CPA who is passionate about accounting, or a CPA who is an advisor, partner, friend, and photographer who is passionate about your photography business?

I’m relatively new to photography, and I’m actively building my family and wedding photography business in the Outer Banks. I have a portfolio and am a professional photographer, as I have been paid for my photography services! I have 2018 weddings booked, contracts signed and deposits received, that I can’t wait to photograph. I love photographing families and am preparing for the upcoming summer vacation season. Also I love landscapes, and creating digital paintings from landscapes that I’ve photographed, and I was juried into the Dare County Arts Council’s gallery in Manteo, NC, where my work is on display. You can learn more about my photography at Kimberly Michele Photography.
This is me, I love the beach.
I’m excited to be building my accounting business for photographers alongside my photography business and think the two really compliment each other. I don’t think I could be a great accountant to photographers without actually being a photographer. I know the business from the inside out. I know the problems you face, the joys, the ups and downs, and the solutions.
I graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, with primary concentration in finance and secondary in marketing.
I have worked in accounting and finance since 1994, with experience including corporate investment banking, public accounting, commercial lending, and private accounting.  I have spent approximately 10 years working directly with small business owners to help fill their financial needs, and have been a small business owner myself.
I am a licensed CPA in North Carolina (License #35588) and Wyoming (License #2635).  I am a member of the North Carolina Association of CPAs and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. I have lived in many places from Jackson Hole, WY to New York City, NY, both of which I enjoy, but am happy to call the Outer Banks my home.  I spend my time outside of work being a mom to my two sweet children (who are teenagers now!), a wife to my lovely husband, walking my dogs, running, taking photos, painting, playing tennis, and going to the beach. I love to be outside in the warm humid ocean air, and consider myself very lucky:)
I’m not right for everybody, but for the photographers I choose to work with, and who choose to work with me, I can deliver exceptional value.
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