I am a photographer. I am a CPA. I understand and love your photography business.

“Would you rather have a CPA who is passionate about accounting, or a CPA who is an advisor, partner, friend, and photographer who is passionate about your photography business?”

Erin.Alan Wedding Sneak Peek-2Photography Accounting’s mission is to share and leverage 25+ years of accounting, finance, and business start up experience and education with photographers to create exceptional value and help you thrive, so that you can focus on doing what you love, capturing stories for your clients and adding beauty, joy, love, and art to the world.

One of the core tenets of photography is the Exposure Triangle. In order to take a technically correct and potentially outstanding photo, you must have the proper combination of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. If one of those three elements is off, your photo will be less than it could be. I think a photography business can be viewed the same way, and if one of the corners is off, the photography business will be less than it could be.

When I think about a successful photography business, here is how it relates to the Exposure Triangle:Erin.Alan Wedding Sneak Peek-13

Aperture            – – –        Passion and Drive

Shutter Speed   – – –        Photography Skills

ISO                      – – –        Business Skills

Passion & Drive (Aperture)

I shoot as wide open as I can while still keeping the parts of my subject that I want in focus, sharp. This is my favorite way of shooting, and I know I’m not alone in that. Your passion and drive for photography are what made you start your business, and what will keep you going when you hit road blocks in your business. They are what keep you coming back every day, excited to make progress, regardless of the circumstances. Photography fills you up, and you need it. If you didn’t have passion and drive, you would stop when your business got hard.

Erin.Alan Wedding Sneak Peek-3Photography Skills (Shutter Speed)

Your technical skills make your business possible. Without having the training and experience of a professional photographer, you wouldn’t have clients, and you wouldn’t have a business. You have

put in the work, and continue to put in the work, to be the best photographer you can be. And you continue to improve with every shoot. Your clients seek you out because of your proven technical skills and dependability, along with your passion and style that they are looking for.


Business Skills (ISO)

Accounting, finance, tax, marketing, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) that integrate with your accounting system, relationship building, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, invoicing, cash flow forecasts, budgets…

These things might make your head spin, and even if they don’t, my guess is you don’t love them as much as you love photography. But the reality is, if they’re missing from your photography business, you’re missing a piece of the “Exposure Triangle” for your business, and your business, just like the photo with one piece of the Exposure Triangle off, is less than it could be.Erin.Alan Wedding-13

My goal is to take the weight of this corner of the Triangle off your shoulders, so you can make sure it is attended to and accomplished, but you can focus your efforts on the other two corners that you love.

My purpose and the purpose of Accounting Photography is to share and leverage accounting, tax, and financial information and strategies for photographers, so that you can focus on doing what you love, capturing stories for your clients and adding beauty, joy, love, and art to the world.

P.S. I love this too – I completely understand:)

© Photography Accounting, Kim Crouch, & Kimberly Michele Photography
All photos taken by Kim Crouch

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