Welcome to Photography Accounting!

Based on my experience with photographers (and myself because I am a photographer), there are some basic accounting needs that you have, that I am in an excellent position to help with, because I am both a photographer and a CPA. Whether you have the experience or not to properly execute the accounting side of your business, you should be spending your most valuable asset – time – on photography, not accounting.

I’m not the right advisor for everybody, but for the photographers I choose to work with, and who choose to work with me, I can deliver exceptional value. Would you mind if I share some of my thoughts with you so? If not please keep reading…


What do you need from your accounting advisor? I would love to talk to you and hear directly from you the answer to that question. What I have learned from listening to other photographers is that you need:

  • Someone to accurately answer your accounting and tax questions. For a list of questions that need answers, please visit my Packages page and scroll down to the 5th paragraph.
  • Someone to help you make sure you’ve done everything you need to for your business and that you’re on track to meet your goals, so that you can rest easy when you’re not working.
  • Someone to track, or help you track, your income and expenses ACCURATELY for tax purposes.
  • A strategic partner to help you make business decisions, such as pricing and packages.
  • To know how much cash you have today, and how much you expect to have in 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days.
  • To be able to determine how many photo sessions you need at what price to be able to generate the income you need for yourself and your family, and buy the equipment you need.
  • A way to see how your business is doing, right now, with metrics (key performance indicators or KPIs) that are up to date daily, that you understand, and that help you run your business and make decisions.
  • A workflow system that is effective so that you aren’t spending time manually completing tasks that could be automated (like invoicing, tracking customers, and getting contracts signed).
  • A community to share ideas, information, successes, and failure.
  • A fee for these services that you can afford.

Currently, I’m taking a handful of clients that I can work with closely to provide advisory services (strategic planning, accounting, tax, cash flow forecasting, overall accounting system workflow design, etc.). This will be a partnership to help you grow and focus on your photography, while I help with the business and accounting side. Since I am a photographer, I know the business from the inside out and can really add value.

For those that are just getting started and not ready to have a one on one relationship with an advisor, I’m starting a closed group that will offer expert accounting and tax advice for a low monthly cost (as low as $19).  I want to leverage 25+ years of accounting, finance, and business start up experience with photographers to create exceptional value and help you thrive, so that you can focus on doing what you love, capturing stories for your clients and adding beauty, joy, love, and art to the world.
If you have any accounting questions, please message me. I’m offering a free pilot program for my closed group that will share and leverage expert accounting advice, as well as free consultations for those that are seeking more of an ongoing one on one relationship.


My overall goal is to spread beauty, joy, and love throughout the world, through photographic art. I am doing that in two ways, using my skills and experience as an accountant and advisor, as well as my passion and skills as a photographer.

Am I passionate about accounting? Honestly, no. I’m passionate about photography and art. I’m passionate about my family. I’m passionate about dogs and the ocean. I’m passionate about living an authentic life, and continuing to grow and learn what that means to me. Part of that is accounting and the 25+ years of knowledge that I’ve accumulated, in accounting, finance, investment banking, commercial lending, and starting and running my own small businesses. I am passionate about sharing and leveraging that bank of knowledge with like minded photographers that I know can benefit from it. That is the use of all these years I’ve spent building up all this information – that is how I can use it, add value to others, and stay authentic to me.

Would you rather have a CPA who is passionate about accounting, or a CPA who is an advisor, partner, friend, and photographer who is passionate about your photography business? Please visit my About page to learn more about me and my businesses.

I’m so excited about this venture and can’t wait to talk to you! Please message me with any questions. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as @photographyaccounting and Twitter as @photoaccounting. I look forward to getting to know you!


© Photography Accounting, Kim Crouch, & Kimberly Michele Photography
All Photos Taken by Kim Crouch

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